“PREMIER ONE” 1mm + Enamel

“Premier One” Vitreous enamelled flue pipe. Finished products have an internal and external vitreous enamel coating to offer extremely high resistance to heat and toxic or corrosive gasses.

  • Available in SUPA MATT and SATIN finish
  • “Friction Fit” for clean line visual look (no fire clay required)
  • Fixed straight lengths are available in five nominal imperial/metric sizes.
  • Adjustable lengths with and without door.
  • All Bends available with and without door
  • Tees - to be used in conjunction with separate enamelled tee cap and clip for cleaning and inspection purposes.
  • Flue Pipe Accessories (including Continental Adaptors) to enable easy and professional installation.
  • This range is available in 100mm" to 200mm" diameters.
Premier One Supa Matt
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Premier One
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Offsets With and Without Door

Superior Low-Grade Carbon Steel

Premier Flue Enamelled products are made from superior low-grade carbon steel which is then coated with Enamel (which is a thin layer of glass fused to the steel at high temperature from 750°-890° which gives its clean hard finish).

Our products are suitable for oil, gas and solid fuels, for domestic heating appliances